Alexandra Garces Santander

Monitoring work in a GLORIA-Andes site, Peru

Long-Term Social-Ecological Monitoring in the Andes: How are we doing?

Learn more about a recently published study on the state of the art of long-term social and environmental monitoring systems in the Andes. The study identified knowledge gaps and monitoring priorities, and provided a much-needed perspective of monitoring efforts in the region. 

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Regional Dialogues on Comprehensive High Mountain Management: Session 2

Join us on October (10/21) to hear and talk about key Andean and global experiences on the importance of establishing balanced governance strategies for an integrated management of high mountain ecosystems.

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andean mother and child

Bridges in the Andes: transiting towards sustainability

This meeting will host several open spaces to bring multiple actor and disciplines together to reflect on the main advances since the 1st International Mountain Day (20 years ago), and future challenges for integrated management and transition towards sustainability in Andean ecosystems, landscapes and societies.

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Farmers in the Andes. Credit: Christian Vinces -

Sustainable Management of Socio-Ecosystems in the Andes

This article describes the first course of the IPROMO Mountains Training Programme held in Spanish. The course was organised by CONDESAN with the support of two initiatives financed by the Swiss Agency for Cooperation and Development (SDC).

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Local girls look at the view in Ausangate, Perú

Adaptation to Climate Change in the Andes

This regional study aims to identify the knowledge gaps and working priorities for climate change adaptation in the Andes.

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col cosecha de agua lluvia 5 - climate adaptation.

Adaptation to the Impacts of Climate Change on Water Resources in the Andes (AICCA), Colombia

This solution addresses the increasing uncertainty regarding the availability of water resources in the Tota Lake basin, Colombia. It aims to strengthen the resilience of productive systems through rainwater harvesting system. 

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