Román Baigún

Programme Manager, Saving High Andean Wetlands for People and Nature

nor yauyos cochas - climate adaptation.

Robust ecosystem-based adaptation measures in Miraflores, in the Nor Yauyos Cochas Landscape Reserve

The case corresponds to the EbA (Ecosystem-based Adaptation) experiences implemented in the community of Miraflores (other implementation sites were Canchayllo, Tanta and Tomas), in the Nor

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Wetland management and conservation in the Pozuelos Biosphere Reserve, Argentina

This program works with the communities and other local actors in the recovery of degraded wetlands in the Pozuelos Lagoon, northern Argentina, through the construction of small dams that a

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anta - climate adaptation.

Strengthening and sustainable development of quinoa cultivation in the province of Anta

This solution aimed at sustainable development of quinoa cultivation in the province of Anta, Cusco (Peru) based on seed selection, organic production and efficient water management to reduce the probability of erosion and soil degradation.

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tarapaca - climate adaptation.

Improvement of vegas and bofedales through traditional Aymara practices in the highlands of northern Chile

In the highlands of Tarapacá, Chile, traditional practices, mainly from the Aymara culture, are revalued, and practices are applied to improve water distribution and soil moistening in the

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vilcanota - climate adaptation.

Conservation of Queuña forests (Polylepis spp.) of Vilcanota range, Peru

The objective of this project is to protect and restore Queuña forests (Polylepis spp.), their water, landscape and biodiversity, carried out together with local communities throug

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farallon - climate adaptation.

Management of vegas and swamps with traditional techniques by the Kolla community of Lagunillas del Farallón, in the Jujuy Puna, Argentina

In 2012-2013 pilot experiences were carried out on the management of vegas and swamps (high-altitude wetlands) at Lagunillas del Farallón, between 2,900 and 3,500 meters above sea level, in

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