CENN is a non-governmental organisation working to protect our environment through fostering sustainable development throughout the South Caucasus. We specialise in a number of areas including combating climate change, sustainable management of resources, building and developing healthy and prosperous climate resilient communities, and empowering women and girls to participate in creating inclusive solutions.

With representation throughout the South Caucasus, more than 60 full time members of staff, and a network of volunteers across the region, CENN has the capability and commitment to provide a service that is consistent, professional and of the highest quality. We create and deliver modern solutions for the public and business sectors and communities, assisting them in managing their environmental and related risks and helping them to achieve a competitive advantage through improved environmental and social performance.

Our Mission

Working with communities, governments, and businesses across the South Caucasus to create sustainable solutions for a healthy environment.

Our Vision

To foster modern and sustainable development values, build bridges between communities, and develop a progressive society that values and protects the environment.

Our Goals

  • Work with communities, governments and businesses to develop sustainable solutions, safeguard our environment and improve people‚Äôs lives
  • Be innovative and proactive in response to environmental concerns
  • Build a strong and responsible civil society
  • Provide open, inclusive and effective multi-stakeholder networking
  • Support good governance and responsible businesses
  • Lead by example as one of the most effective NGOs in the Caucasus

Our Values

  • 100% commitment
  • Quality and professionalism
  • Accountability and transparency
  • Partnership and networking
  • Continuous personal and organizational development
  • Teamwork
  • Inclusiveness and diversity
  • Innovation
  • Positive approach

Our Competences

  • Civil society development and institutional strengthening
  • Environmental research and policy
  • Compliance management
  • Education, knowledge management and networking
Address: Georgia

CENN Contributed To...

Illustration by Elise Gunstvedt and Hasan Abbas, GRID-Arendal
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Short Solution
Chkhaveri Vineyards Against Land Erosion in Keda Municipality, Georgia
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