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The Adaptation at Altitude programme is improving the availability and use of mountain observation data, facilitating science-policy dialogues, supporting a community of practice and knowledge exchange on adaptation solutions, and influencing policy processes.

As part of our focus on supporting knowledge exchange we have created the open CCA in Mountains community space on weADAPT. All are welcome to join this community and share their work with others. Find out how to share and highlight your work (and what work you can share) here.

Find the latest outputs from Adaptation at Altitude and the wider CCA in mountains community below.

From the Programme

Adaptation at Altitude: 4 Years of Collaborative Action in the Mountains – synthesis scroll
Summary The Adaptation at Altitude programme seeks to increase the resilience and adaptative capacity of mountain communities and ecosystems to climate change by improving knowledge of appropriate adaptation strategies and…
map of the world with green areas showing mountains
The Global Mountain Explorer
“What is a mountain?” and “Where are the mountains of the world?”. Learn more with the Global Mountain Explorer!
mountains uncovered brochures with blue background
The Mountains Uncovered Series: Intercomparable Maps and Statistics for 100 Selected Global Mountain Ranges
Explore an easily understandable overview of the key characteristics of 100 selected mountain ranges around the world.
Map with blue circles
GEO Mountains In Situ Inventory
Discover a compilation of information on in situ observatories and other long-term monitoring infrastructure in the world’s mountains.
A group of people standing with green trees in background
Central Asia Mountain Observatories Network (CAMON)
The Central Asia Mountain Observatories Network (CAMON) was inaugurated in 2023 at a meeting hosted by the Mountain Research Initiative (MRI) and GEO Mountains in Almaty, Kazakhstan.
Education at sea to sky gondola
Mountain Sustainability Education Programme
Check out a set of teaching resources designed for learners of all ages. In support of the International Year of Sustainable Mountain Development 2022, the programme is built around the…

Other articles of interest

The (often) overlooked value of mountains for European citizens
Why are mountain value chains so crucial? How resilient are they to climate change? Learn about the significance of mountain value chains, their role in driving Europe’s sustainable transition and…
Climate information based on local needs to adapt small farmers to climate change
“El Niño” is knocking on our door: How can climate information help vulnerable populations make better decisions to protect themselves from its impacts?
Learn about the Agroclimatic Management Platform model which seeks to strengthen agroclimatic governance to improve agricultural productivity in the Andes. It highlights the importance of family farmers being able to…
Regional Climate Data Conference: Experts Unite to Ensure Data Accessibility through Collaborative Efforts
A summary of the Regional Climate Data Conference, in Bangladesh. The conference was to initiate a discussion on opportunities and barriers of accessing climate data and climate risk information, and…
Tall cliffs of ice next to blue ocean and brown rocks in the foreground
State of the Cryosphere Report 2022
Discover the latest science on the Earth’s snow and ice regions in this report, reviewed and supported by over 60 leading cryosphere scientists. Learn about how a combination of melting…
People working in an agricultural mountain environment
Resilient Mountain Solutions in the Hindu Kush Himalaya
Learn about why a focus on resilience in the Hindu Kush Himalaya region is important, and explore the different components of ICIMOD’s Resilient Mountain Solutions programme.
5th Sustainable Summits 2021 with black and white mountains
The Fifth Sustainable Summits Conference 2021
Watch these 4 short films inspired by growing pressures facing mountain environments. Covering development pressures, mountain communities, regional cooperation, and messages for COP26, gain an insight into how climate change…