Acción Andina

Acción Andina is the first multi-country, large-scale initiative to restore the high altitude forests of the Andes. Co-founded by ECOAN (Asociación Ecosistemas Andinos) and Global Forest Generation, our goal is to protect and restore one million hectares (almost 2.5 million acres) of this critical ecosystem over the next 25 years. Our growing partnership is led by dedicated on-the-ground conservation leaders that have established deep bonds with local and indigenous communities. We are responding to the urgent need to restore degraded high Andean native forest landscapes for climate resilience and water security while sustaining the last remaining high Andean cultures.

Address: Peru

Acción Andina Contributed To...

Detailed Solution
Conservation of Queuña forests (Polylepis spp.) of Vilcanota range, Peru
The objective of this project is to protect and restore Queuña forests (Polylepis spp.), their water, landscape and biodiversity, carried out together with local communities through traditional collective work strategies....