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Welcome to the Adaptation at Altitude Solutions Portal (A@A-SP)! This portal allows you to explore tried and tested climate change adaptation solutions for mountain regions, see where they have been implemented, and by who. Use the filters and search option below to explore the solutions.

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Detailed Solution
Increasing agricultural viability and climate resilience through community seed banks in Nepal

Farmers in many regions of Nepal and other parts of the Hindu Kush Himalaya have, over time, had to rely on monocultures of hybrid crop varieties. This increases their dependence…
Detailed Solution
Using Allo to transform local economies and build climate resilience in Nepal

Allo, Himalayan nettle (Girardiniadiversifolia) is a plant that grows abundantly without cultivation in the hilly and mountainous regions of Nepal as well as India, China, Bhutan. It holds great cultural…
Detailed Solution
Saving lives and property — The fight against yearly flash floods in the Hindu Kush Himalaya: a case study of Pakistan

In the Hindu Kush Himalaya (HKH) region, there are gaps in relaying early warning information to communities that are most vulnerable which increases potential damage to life and property in…
Detailed Solution
Resilient women for resilient mountain villages: A holistic approach to climate change adaptation in Nepal

How can we enhance the existing adaptive capacities of women farmers to increase their resilience to climate change and potentially deteriorating socioeconomic conditions? The resilient mountain solution’sResilient Mountain Villages (RMV)…
Detailed Solution
Reviving and sustaining large cardamom production in Nepal

There has been increasing demand for large cardamom in global markets. However, climate change and its impacts have made cardamom farming difficult and expensive. Farmers are facing drought, increase in…
Detailed Solution
Solar powered pumps for irrigation in Pakistan

Due to increasingly erratic rainfall, farmers in Rawalpindi, Punjab, Pakistan, have been struggling to irrigate their farms. While very little can be done to combat erratic and deficit rainfall, scalable…

Solution Contributors

Albert Martinez

Albert Martinez is a climate security analyst at UNEP’s Crisis Management Branch in Geneva, Switzerland. His work involves…

Anna Scolobig

I am a disaster and risk researcher with social science background. In my work I address questions related to risk percept…