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At CONDESAN we are committed to sustainable management of natural resources contributing in that way to overcome poverty in the Andes region. For this purpose, we generate and share information and knowledge on the environment and Andean rural societies. We foster processes for strengthening Andean human and institutional capital in order to have new sustainable development leaders in the Andes. We also foster collective dialogue processes that result in recommendations on public policy at the national and sub-national levels. Since it was founded in 1993, CONDESAN has consolidated its position as an important Andean platform for issues related to natural resource management and sustainable development, particularly in water and watershed management.

Address: Ecuador
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CONDESAN Contributed To...

Adaptation at Altitude: 4 Years of Collaborative Action in the Mountains – synthesis scroll
Summary The Adaptation at Altitude programme seeks to increase the resilience and adaptative capacity of mountain communities and ecosystems to climate change by improving knowledge of appropriate adaptation strategies and...
blue sky with grey mountains, green grass and a circle of rocks
Mountains in silent thaw: Losses and damages from the disappearing “frozen heartbeat”of Earth
Learn about the losses and damages mountain regions are incurring as a result of climate change in this case study from the 2023 Adaptation Gap Report.
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