Adaptation at Altitude: 4 years of collaborative action in the mountains – synthesis scroll

Explore the 2019-2024 activities and achievements of the Adaptation at Altitude programme in this visual scroll.
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The Adaptation at Altitude programme seeks to increase the resilience and adaptative capacity of mountain communities and ecosystems to climate change by improving knowledge of appropriate adaptation strategies and transferring this knowledge to inform decision-making in national, regional and global policy processes. Throughout Phase 1 of the programme (2019-2024), seven partner organisations have come together to achieve four major outcomes that will help accomplish these goals.

The synthesis scroll summarizes the 2019–2024 activities and achievements of the partner organizations of the Adaptation at Altitude programme.

Action in the mountains

This visual synthesis provides an overview of phase 1 of the Adaptation at Altitude programme, which aims to increase the adaptive capacity and resilience of mountains to the impacts of climate change. Over four years, partner organizations have strived to improve data and monitoring, enhance regional collaboration and exchange, increase knowledge and sharing, and mainstream mountains into global policy processes. The scroll provides links to major reports, websites and other project accomplishments.

Outcome 1: Data, Information and Monitoring

Outcome 1 focussed on improved mountain observation data and accurate scientific information to increase the understanding of the impacts of climate change in mountains, and aimed to inform adaptation strategies for mountainous countries. Outputs include policy briefs, datasets, publications and a training course.

Outcome 2: Regional exchange and collaboration

Outcome 2 facilitated science-policy dialogues in the Andes, East Africa, Hindu Kush Himalaya, and South Caucasus to help integrate mountain-specific climate change adaptation into planning and policy processes. Outputs include knowledge tools, reports, working groups, regional dialogues and events, and capacity building activities.

Outcome 3: Knowledge and Sharing

Outcome 3 aimed to bring knowledge together and support the sharing of research and good practices to better inform national, regional, and global adaptation approaches. Outputs included the creation of a community of practice (Adaptation at Altitude Knowledge Network), a knowledge exchange space, a global database of solutions for mountains, and reports.

Outcome 4: Global Policy Mainstreaming

Outcome 4 aimed to ensure that the major global policy processes related to
climate change, disaster risk reduction, and the Sustainable Development Goals are taking climate change adaptation in mountains into account. Outputs focussed on policy mainstreaming activities such as events, briefs, and guidance documents.

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