Expert Dialogue on Mountains and Climate Change – SBSTA 60

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Credit: Anna Zloch (Unsplash)


5 June 2024, 10:00-18:00 CEST (UTC+2)

Short summary

The Expert Dialogue on Mountains and Climate Change is being held at the 60th session of the Subsidiary Body for Scientific and Technological Advice (SBSTA) based on Decision 1/CMA.5 from the Global Stocktake at COP28. The Dialogue aims to bring together scientists, policymakers, and other relevant stakeholders to share knowledge and experience on pathways to increasing resilience in mountain areas. 

The dialogue will cover topics such as:

  • Enhancing understanding of climate change impacts on mountains and downstream communities
  • Showcasing solutions for mountain ecosystems
  • Discussing ways to accelerate climate action, including capacity building, technology development and leveraging financial support

Adaptation at Altitude (A@A) aims to increase the resilience and adaptive capacity of mountain ecosystems and communities. The goals of the programme align closely with the planned themes of the Dialogue. A@A partners will engage through presentations, discussions, and engagement with attendees. The role of A@A partners at the Dialogue is to share knowledge and information about climate change impacts, particularly in transboundary, regional contexts and share solutions and resources for adaptation in mountains that can be useful to Parties wishing to address the major challenges in their own countries.

Registration details

To join the Expert Dialogue, you must be accredited to attend the UNFCCC SB60. Please visit this webpage for more information.


The aforementioned resources that are highly relevant for Parties and attendees of the meeting are as follows: 

1. The Adaptation at Altitude Solution Portal  

Includes solutions for different sectors that address a wide array of climate impacts

2. Guidance document for Parliamentarians

The issue brief “Responding to climate change in the mountains: opportunities for Parliamentarians to act” discusses legislative, budgetary, and process-based options for Members of Parliament 

3. The Leave No Mountain Behind synthesis series

Provides insights and good practice examples on finance, transboundary adaptation, Indigenous knowledge, and ecosystem restoration

4. IPCC AR6 Cross-chapter Paper on Mountains and SROCC chapter on High Mountain Areas

Gives scientific information about climate change impacts in mountains and different adaptation options

5. Mountains Connect Knowledge Space and learnings brief

Showcases knowledge on different dimensions of mountain range governance across eight mountain regions. The Learnings Brief provides a summary of knowledge exchanges between the Andes, Alps, and Carpathians and opportunities for the future

6. Regional solutions: MountainsADAPT booklets for East Africa and the South Caucasus, and Resilient Mountain Solutions booklet for the HKH 

Includes solutions for various adaptation challenges across different mountain regions

7. From the Andes:

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