Mountain Sustainability Education Programme

Education at sea to sky gondola
Image credit: Sea to Sky Gondola


The programme was developed in collaboration with Sea to Sky Gondola, GEO Mountains, the Mountain Research Initiative, the University of Calgary, and the Arctic Institute of North America. It provides a set of teaching resources designed for learners of all ages. In support of the International Year of Sustainable Mountain Development 2022, the program is built around the question “What do mountains mean to you?”

Information about the Mountain Sustainability Education Programme can be downloaded from the right-hand column. Explore more Mountain Sustainability materials here!

Programme development

The materials were developed by integrating the mountain science and education expertise of the three authors. The programme contains both practical and theoretical aspects.

Why create a Mountain Sustainability Program?

  • To recognize the United Nation’s declaration of 2022 as the International Year of
    Sustainable Mountain Development, and Canada’s 2019 Declaration of a Climate
  • Because mountains are under various pressures, putting their sustainability at
    risk, there is a need for youth to appreciate the importance of mountain
    conservation issues;
  • Because there is a need for a mountain sustainability program that deals with
    mountains as systems, encouraging students to consider atmosphere,
    geosphere, hydrosphere, biosphere, and anthroposphere in relation to each
  • To raise awareness that mountain sustainability is a global issue, and the benefit
    of comparative methodology and transboundary collaboration;
  • To enrich the educational experience of visitors to Sea to Sky Gondola with a
    unique scientific course for children and adults on mountain sustainability issues;
  • To share educational capacities and knowledge with respect to mountains on a
    global basis.

Get involved

Educators from around the world are free to use, adapt and further develop the course materials, in accordance with the license specified. Please kindly inform us by writing to Any feedback can also be sent to this email address.

If you extend the course (e.g. prepare region-specific case studies, cover additional topics etc.) and would like us to consider including this material in subsequent updates, please get in touch.

Further resources

Suggested Citation: Allchin, M.I., Warren, M. & Williamson, S.N. (2022). Mountain Sustainability Education Program, v1. Sea to Sky Gondola, Mountain Research Initiative, GEO Mountains, University of Calgary & Arctic Institute of North America.