Adaptation at Altitude

Adaptation at Altitude is a collaborative programme launched and co-supported by the Swiss Agency for Development and Cooperation (SDC). The first phase of programme runs from 2020 to 2023. For further information please download an Adaptation At Altitude programme brochure.

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mountains with yellow/brown fields in foreground and settlements

Mountains in National Adaptation Plans - A short analysis

Explore an overview of climate change adaptation priorities specific to mountains in NAPs submitted by Non-Annex l countries under the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change. The review highlights examples from NAPs of climate adaptation actions in mountains and makes broad recommendations on raising awareness about mountain-specific challenges and solutions in NAP processes.

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women walking up a mountain with green illustrations of trees

Scaling ecosystem restoration and protection: challenges and promising solutions

This synthesis examines the solutions in the Adaptation at Altitude Solutions Portal that have direct or indirect benefits on restoration and sustainable management of ecosystems. It also looks at common factors that have brought about success in these projects, such as inclusive decision-making, collaboration across different sectors, and providing tools, data, and infrastructure to local communities.

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snowy mountains with houses in foreground

Issue Brief: climate change adaptation in mountains & parliamentarians

Explore this issue brief which aims to help parliamentarians address climate change in mountains by providing them with an understanding of how climate effects create downstream repercussions, and by identifying policies and actions they can take across the range of potential impacts. 

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Green vegetated mountains with winding river

COP 28 - Mountains of Opportunity: How to Leverage Funding for Climate Adaptation

Learn about why adaptation funding in mountains is needed and how it can be better leveraged in this COP 28 Adaptation at Altitude event!

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houses on a green hillside with blue sky

A@A Knowledge Network: Learning Event #1

Join the Adaptation at Altitude Knowledge Network for its first learning event! A panel of experts will discuss why co-creating and integrating local knowledge into adaptation solutions is important, and how this approach can be effectively built into adaptation projects in mountain regions. 

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Snowy mountain top

Mountains, Parliaments, and the Global Goal on Adaptation: Preparing for COP28

Why are mountain areas important for adaptation and how can they be integrated in the negotiations at COP28? This International Mountain Day webinar will bring together parliamentarians and stakeholders to reflect on and discuss the latest adaptation needs and challenges in mountain areas. Register and learn more!

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