Alejandra Melfo

I am a theoretical physicist-turned-ecologist out of love for the mountains, based in Mérida, Venezuela. I have been involved in research and public communication work around the Sierra Nevada glaciers, including the "Last Venezuelan Glacier" project. Currently collaborating with Adaptation at Altitude-Andes in communication efforts.

Plant of the genus Compositae

Dispersal strategies of flowers in the High Andes

How are plants overcoming geographical barriers to disperse their seeds? The GLORIA-Andes network continues to provide basic knowledge about high Andean ecosystems, essential to understanding how native species feel the effects of climate change.

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ROSA in white with a background of green vegetated mountains

ROSA: the Andean Network of Socio-ecological Observatories

Learn about the newly created Andean Network of Socio-ecological Observatories, which seeks to maintain permanent monitoring sites in the Andes, in this short blog post!

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Work in GLORIA site - Venezuela

Compositional shifts of alpine plant communities across the high Andes

Explore a new study by the GLORIA-Andes monitoring network to learn about how climate change is transforming summit plant communities in the High Andes, and what the key drivers of these changes are. 

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Course participants posing in a group photo

The Andes Monitoring Networks strengthen their skills in the course "Analysis of vegetation dynamics data in the Andes"

Researchers from the Andean Forest Network (RBA) and GLORIA-Andes, together with CONDESAN, the Institute of Regional Ecology (Instituto de Ecología Regional, CONICET - National University of Tucumán) and GEO Mountains, organized the workshop course "Analysis of data on vegetation dynamics in the Andes".

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Participants at the event, standing in a group, with mountains in the background

Sixth Global Meeting of Mountain Partnership: South America and the Andes participate as an active block

On Tuesday, September 26th, 2022, Adaptation at Altitude (A@A) hosted a side event at the Mountain Partnership’s Sixth Global Meeting in Aspen, Colorado, USA. The side event was aimed at showing regional information collected for the sustainable management of mountains in the South America and Andres region.

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Regional Dialogues on Comprehensive High Mountain Management: Session 2

Join us on October (10/21) to hear and talk about key Andean and global experiences on the importance of establishing balanced governance strategies for an integrated management of high mountain ecosystems.

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